What the hell can I do about ISIS?

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August 8, 2014 by Austin McNair



Pray. Pray. Pray.

Pray. Pray. Pray

That’s all I’ve got. So wherever you are, right now, while reading this little blog post, take two minutes and pray for Iraq. It’s all you can do. It’s all any of us can do – but it matters.

Over the last few days, I have carried such a heavy heart for what’s going on in the Middle East, but what the hell can I do? I’m at a loss. It’s not fair. I’m in Virginia, about to leave on my comfortable vacation to the Outer Banks with all my loved ones, and then there’s Iraq. How do the two situations occur on the same planet simultaneously? It is absurd.

This is why I need to believe in prayer. This is why I need Jesus. Life on its own is absurd and chaotic. I look at Iraq and must believe in something greater than the evil power structures which govern the world’s economy. Jesus is the solution to this deep desire for something more.

Christians believe in a God who is victorious over the chaos and evil of the universe! How did this victory come about? Through Jesus, the Son of God who was murdered, seemingly defeated, but resurrected in victory. In the resurrection we find a victory over sin (the thing which enslaves men to choose selfishness) and death (the thing which enslaves the destiny of every person). Jesus overcomes sin and death and provides a way for all people to follow him into life.

This good news may sound absurd. It is! However, this news yields to a life of faith, hope, and love. These are the things which transcend ISIS. They may kill the bodies of those beloved brothers and sisters in Iraq, but they cannot destroy their souls. May God have mercy.

Be praying with me.

Here’s a good song… “I Believe” by Mali Music

“I Believe” by Mali Music

Thinking bout the world looking at the nation
Suicide… genocide… homicide
Three words come to mind…
Times are changing…Yeah!
No more rumors they’re wars going on
Twisted doctors, scientist making clones
Economy got some backs against the wall
People dying for no reason at all
People of God don’t even read their Bibles
There’s no faith no trust in the word…
But everybody seems to be quoting scripture…
It’s just another word they heard
Pastors leaving pulpits cause they’re tired
It’s all based on how we feel
Overheard two people speaking the other day
One said that God’s not real but…

I’m just one ah them ole people who’s got to hold on
Sometimes I can’t see but I still believe
He’s taking care of me… Oh oh oh
I’m just one ah them ole people God’s got a hold on
And I believe, I believe, … Yeah!
I believe I believe… Yeah!

So I choose to look on the brighter side…
In spite, of all the negativity I’m surrounded by
No it ain’t perfect but that’s alright
Cause His hand is on me …
It’s keeping me alive
So many disappointments
So much I don’t understand
So much I don’t have answers for
That’s what makes me trust You more
In a world that’s always changing…
Everything’s rearranging
But no matter what’s going on…
Ima be standing… Ima be holding on
Your truth, their truth, my truth
Your god, my God, our view
All I know is one thing nowadays
Is we all need hope we all need faith

I’m just one ah them ole people who’s got to hold on
Sometimes I can’t see but I still believe
He’s taking care of me… Yes He is
I’m just one ah them ole people God’s got a hold on
Don’t You let go of me… Lord please
I believe, I believe ..

I’m just one ah them ole people who’s got to hold on
Sometimes I can’t see but I still believe
He’s taking care of me… Yes He is oh oh oh
I’m just one ah them ole people God’s got a hold on
I believe I believe
I believe I believe


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