It’s the End of the World… and I Feel Fine

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March 11, 2014 by Austin McNair

ReturnMissio Dei Church is currently going through a teaching series on the Apostle’s Creed. Each week, we take the time to look at one individual line from the creed and consider why the believe is in the creed and why it is important for us today. This past Sunday, I had the privilege of focusing on the line of the creed which says, “He will come again to judge the living and the dead,” and taught what was probably the most hopeful messages that I have ever taught. Here is the recording of the message.

Christians believe that one day Jesus will return. This future event has been characterized and fantasized about in movies, books, and all other mediums for art, but overall has been misunderstood. Christianity is not an end of the world religion. Christianity is a redeem the world religion. God is not going to destroy this world and make all new things. Instead, God is going to make all things new. God is in the business of resurrecting and restoring.



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