Age 24

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January 6, 2014 by Austin McNair

24 Years Old

When I turned 23 last year, I was told by many of my friends that it would be one of the worst years of my life.

Everyone hates 23. It is the Miller Lite of all ages – the flavorless watered-down beverage that everyone eventually has to drink because there’s nothing else available.

I loved 23 though! (I still hate Miller Lite).

Among many other significant events, I found a full time job at Brain Injury Services, got married to this attractive Brazilian girl named Lillian, and enjoyed six months of establishing a life in our Christian community at Missio Dei with my wife. 23 was fast paced and full of expected change for both Lillian and myself.

I do not know what to expect for age 24. It doesn’t carry much of a reputation.

According to Buzzfeed, age 24 comes in 7th place in a ranking of best to worst years in your twenties. Their reasoning is because nothing really happens when you’re 24. I am now too old to fit in with the wild party culture that was leftover from my college years, yet I haven’t fully surrendered to the reality of a regimented adult life. It is the beginning of a sort of middle ground between freedom and responsibility.

While Buzzfeed makes this transition sound dull, I am ready for a year of little change.

Our culture is obsessed with change. With every day that passes, we become more efficient and faster at exchanging and receiving information. Movies continue to tell the tale of a protagonist breaking free from the monotony of the real world by escaping into a fantasy world that was never before seen (a theme I deeply appreciate).

Yet, this year I hope there is not a whole lot of major change in my life. I want to temporarily set aside the romanticism that is attached to change so that I can find out what it means to develop some roots in my circles of influence.

I believe that settling and developing myself can be equally as thrilling as the major change I experienced as a 23 year old. It may lack the drama, but it could bring with it some meaningful fruit of my labor. There is value in that.

24 may be a mystery, but at least I know what I am hoping for.



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