A Leap of Faith

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December 20, 2013 by Austin McNair

GlasoliEver since I created one of those hip Xanga accounts in 2004, I have chosen to be a part of the nonsensical evolution of social media. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, FormSpring, Tumblr, Instagram, Vine etc… I’ve used them all. It has been an awkward journey, and I do not think I have figured out the best way of using social media. I don’t think any of us have.

But one thing I have figured out is that I do not like when people post antagonizing material on the same forum where they post their personal life events. I love seeing pictures of your kids, but please do not tell me how much you hate the President in the comments section.

In 2014, I want to develop as a writer. I have set a personal goal to accomplish this desire. However, I do not want to simply develop as a Facebook status writer. Moreover, I do not want to bombard everyone I’ve ever “friended” with every waking thought.

Becoming a better writer will mean taking whatever thought I have in a moment and putting it on paper (or pixels). Too often I have been afraid to write because I did not want to stir the already boiling pot of the Facebook universe. This fear has limited my growth as a writer.

Along with the Missio Stream, “A Leap of Faith” will be my new forum to write. I have decided to name this blog “A Leap of Faith” because I am believing that at the end of this process I will have become a better writer, learner, thinker, and person. I will attempt to share some deep expressions that stem from my experience as a Christian. However, I will also digress into soccer rants, social commentary, and my personal life.

People will read or they won’t. At least I can take comfort that I will never have to get in another Facebook argument ever again.


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